Greetings from the Cave of Open Lab™!

I'm still here, I swear. Most of the time I'd normally devote to writing blog posts has been spent in the Cave of Open Lab™, the last couple weeks. But it will be worth it, I promise.

Brief update, by the numbers:
900 posts (first reviews back on 266 of them; waiting on the remaining 634)
41 reviewers
1 editor (that's me)
1 series editor
1 cover designer (it's done and it looks awesome! - but, yes, we're keeping it a secret for now)

lots of work.gif

An artist's rendition of the Cave of Open Lab™ (source)

In the meantime, if you'd like some awesome stuff to read, why not read some of the posts that were submitted? Or check out the blogs at the new blogging network Occam's Typerazor Typewriter. Go wish David Kroll a happy blogiversary! Keep your eyes on the SciAm Guest Blog.

Now, please excuse me while I retreat back into the Cave of Open Lab™. At least there's wifi here.

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