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Hello all,

Biofortified is in the running to win the Ashoka Changemakers contest, GMO Risk or Rescue. But Karl Haro von Mogel needs your help, dear readers. The contest entries close on October 21, and the voting will continue to the 28th. The grand prize is a $1500 grant and a conversation with Michael Pollan. I look forward to hearing Karl and Michael discuss GE and the future of food.

If you read Biofortified and have enjoyed some of the stuff written there and want to see bigger and better things, please take a couple minutes to register for changemakers and enter your vote.

This is how you vote for Biofortified in the changemakers contest:

If you know anyone who could help Karl win this contest, please consider passing this along to them. The top entry has 33 votes and has not changed in weeks, while biofortified is currently at 11 votes.


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Thanks Pam for the plug!
Let me give an update. In the third day of voting, we have gone all the way up to 53 votes. However, our competition, an industry-founded organization, is now at 129 votes. Their votes appear to be slowing down today, so it is still very possible that we could continue to gain votes and catch up!

Pam didn't mention that she is also part of Biofortified - it is a group blog not unlike the Panda's Thumb and Science-Based Medicine. I know some commenters in the previous thread were wondering what Michael Pollan thinks about GE crops today - and we entered the contest primarily to be able to talk to him about that. (The $1,500 grant prize was added after we entered the contest) Our blog is the only pro-science entry in the contest, so if you value good science blogging and like what we're trying to do, please take a minute and give us a thumb's up in the contest!