Julia Gordon imagines Stewart Brand's "Green genes"

Here is a link to a an interesting new book by Julia Gordon. She just graduated from Washington University in St Louis as a graphic design major, and for her senior thesis she designed an informational book, using the chapter "Green Genes" from Stewart Brand's book "Whole Earth Discipline". For this project she used his text as the body for the book, and created additional images, graphics, maps, captions and footnotes to accompany the text.

When given the assignment to design an informational book for her thesis, she was excited to base it on Green Genes because she found it "eye opening, extremely informative,very compelling and enjoyable". She created the book to  share with her peers.

It is a find tribute to Stewart Brand, one of the greatest environmentalists of our time.


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Very interesting - thanks!

I have to say that Stewart Brand has been a big influence on me since I got a Whole Earth Catalogue for Xmas in 1969, and I've been following his adventures ever since.

Unfortunately, while I think he's just as entertaining and provocative now as he was in the past, he now finds himself quite far out in Left Field. This link might give you the flavor of some of the issues: