NPR, Eliza Barclay, California's Genetically Engineered Food Label May Confuse More Than Inform

Listen to an informative interview on NPR with University of California, Berkeley geneticist Peggy Lemaux regarding the California initiative on Food labeling.

"If youre looking to know whats in your food, well theres a lot of stuff in your food, and theres already a lot of stuff on the label," says Lemeaux. "And a lot of people already dont read the label."

For more information, check out her science-based website here.

It is a great site, which answers just about any question concerning genetically engineered crops.

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Sure, after 15 plus years of consumer deceptions suddenly informing the eating public that genetically engineered foods contain pesticide in every cell and represent an immune system assaulting stimuli, yes, it might actually confuse many people. I would imagine that many would be righteously offended to find out that they've been treated as human guinea pigs in a vast Ag biotech experiment.