From Quackwatch:FDA Orders Dr. Joseph Mercola to Stop Illegal Claims

Find out more about the man behind the funding for the California Proposition 37 labeling initiative.

"Many of Mercola's articles make unsubstantiated claims and clash with those of leading medical and public health organizations. For example, he opposes immunization [4] and fluoridation [5], and mammography [6]; claims that amalgam fillings are toxic [7]; and makes many unsubstantiated recommendations for dietary supplements. Mercola's reach has been greatly boosted by repeated promotion on the "Dr. Oz Show."


FDA Orders Dr. Joseph Mercola to Stop Illegal Claims.

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This author posted an article on Forbes magazine about California's proposition 37 with obvious intent to garner (big money) support for the No on 37 campaign.

You may be a scientist but it is clear your loyalties lie with corporate america not the california voters.

Every time I see that picture of Joseph Mercola's house, I want to know if that big old, well-manicured lawn is grown organically. Because it's not a sustainable use of land, IMO, and it's hard to get a giant lawn like that looking pristine without a whole lot of water, chemicals, and fertilizer. Why doesn't he have a vegetable garden? Just sayin'.

By Fiona Gilsenan (not verified) on 25 Sep 2012 #permalink