Best Places to Work in 2006: Academia

Here is the annual list from The Scientist. (Click here for the article.)

The top 15 US academic institutions are:

1. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN
2. The J. David Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco, CA
3. Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
4. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
5. Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
6. Trudeau Institute, Saranac Lake, NY
7. Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
8. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
9. Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
10. National Institutes of Health, Bethesda/Rockville, MD
11. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
12. University of Delaware, Newark, DE
13. Stanford University, Stanford, CA
14. Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
15. Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, St. Louis, MO

The top 10 UK academic institutions are:
1. University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England
2. University of Leicester, Leicester, England
3. Oxford University, Oxford, England
4. University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland
5. University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland
6. University of Manchester, Manchester, England
7. University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England
8. Imperial College London, London, England
9. University College London, London, England
10. King's College London, London, England

The top 5 Canadian academic institutions are:
1. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
2. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
3. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
4. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
5. University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

(Hey Stefan, look who's #2 in Canada!)


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