The Morning After

Just like a giant, well controlled, negative result right wing ideology has been repudiated. If I were a card-carrying member of the GOP, I would take a long look at the last 8 years, and a hard look at the demographics of this election. I won't reiterate my displeasure of libertarian fundamentalism with respect to the market, instead we'll be looking at what happened yesterday. Here are some eye popping numbers for you:

In 2050 more than 50% of American will be a member of a racial minority group, be it Hispanic, Black or Asian. So how did they vote?
Black: 95% Obama, 4% McCain
Hispanic: 66%, 31%
Asian: 62%, 35%

And for Joe the Plumber who spouted this nonesense that a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel
Jews: 77% Obama, 22% McCain

If I were a Repulican, I would look to see how I am doing with the next generation of voters. But it doesn't look good.
First Time Voters: 69% Obama, 30% McCain
18-29 year olds: 66% Obama, 31% McCain

Here is the data of Age vs Republican Vote % from the past few elections (from Red State Blue State)


And finally in Massachusetts Proposition 1, which would have banned income tax was soundly defeated 70% to 30%

The only dissapointments were a few propositions of note in California.
- Proposition 8, a constitutional ban on same sex marriage passed.
- Proposition 10, money for alternative fuel vehicles and renewable energy failled, however this was partially compensated with the passing of Proposition 1, which provides money for a high speed train.

Data from NYTimes' Election Results

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Was checking out the exit poll data. Two things that jumped out at me.... Here are the votes for Obama from non-blacks in the South Carolina primary by age: 18-29 - 52% 30-44 - 25% 45-59 - 23% 60+ - 15% Here are the votes by income for Edwards: Under $15,000 - 14% $15,000-$30,000 - 15% $30,000-$50…

Other outcomes you'd seem to think were disappointing, Source:
Arizona Proposition 102 (Ban on Gay Marriage): 56% yes, 44% no.
Arkansas Initiative 1 (ban on unmarried couples adopting): 57% yes, 43% no.
Florida Amendment 2 (ban on gay marriage): 62% yes, 38% no.

That's bad, especially the Arkansas Initiative 1, what are they thinking????

California's Prop 10 was not the answer for supporting alternative fuel vehicles. It was written to prop up the natural gas industry and excluded hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric cars, etc. The Sierra Club didn't even support Prop 10:

Passing Prop 10 would have done nothing but put $$ in the pocket of T. Boone Pickens, Mr. Swift Boat himself. We Californians aren't as dumb as you think we are. ;)

But yeah, the Prop 8 thing--ugh. It hasn't officially been called yet, it's still too close. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that the last few ballots will kill it, but doesn't look good.

Alex Palazzo: That's bad, especially the Arkansas Initiative 1, what are they thinking????

They wanted to go around a law that was ruled unconstitutional that barred gay couples from adopting. By outlawing adoption by unmarried couples combined with gay marriage being illegal, they've got a replacement for the previous law.

Thanks for that Betsy, I was initially surprised but now understand.

I think it should also be pointed out, 55% of whites voted for Senator McCain to 43% for President-elect Obama. If this was 32 years ago, when the electorate was 90% white, McCain would have won. It highlights the demographic changes occurring in America. Republicans have been running campaigns that flamed the fears of those demographic changes to win. That helped them win elections but it appears the demographic changes have caught up on them. Whites under 30 went Obama. They have grown up with greater diversity. Republicans are going to have to give up on the Southern Strategy or risk becoming a minority party for years to come. The US has made progress on race but we are far from post-racial.

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