JCB's Latest Online Feature: Biosights

The Journal of Cell Biology is one of my usual reads. Recently they've been adding extra features to their site that I really appreciate. A few months back they started a podcast, Biobytes, and now recently they have launched Biosights, a series of on online videos about research published in JCB.

Incidentally the first clip from Biosights is on Allan Hall's latest paper describing how Cdc42, one of the coolest G-proteins in the cell, controls the axis of the mitotic spindle. (Yes Polarity - that same topic that I was telling you about a couple of days back.)

Here is the first eddition of Biosight:

Also a note to the JCB staff, make your clips embeddable! It's the best way to disseminate your videos throughout the web, whether it be on blogs or other web based platforms.

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"note to the JCB staff, make your clips embeddable!"

Thanks, Alex. We're working on it!
- Ruth (JCB News Ed)

By Ruth Williams (not verified) on 26 Nov 2008 #permalink