Map That Campus XLIX

It's that time again. Here's this week's mystery campus:


And the hint: Where cellular alchemy began.

If you know the answer, or just want to take a cheap shot at Willie the Wildcat and his posse, leave it in the comment section.

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Thanks for bringing back my favorite SciBlogs feature....but you must be an Indiana fan! :)

re: Campus - Hmmm - Your map covers a LOT of ground, and it is surrounded by city streets, strange looking intersections - I don't think it's in the USA, so I have really narrowed it down for everone else.

Go Cats!

Hmmm, would it be on an island ? Anything to do with the FCCC 12 years ago ?

Glad to see you J-Dog. I was wondering whether you would be making an appearance. You are correct that the institute in question is not American.

BdN - you are right, the mystery campus is located on an island. If by FCCC you mean Fox Chase, the answer is no. BTW, what happened 12 years ago?

I think he means the climate change symposium, and that is Kyoto University.

By Katharine (not verified) on 30 Oct 2009 #permalink

Ah! ah! No... I was talking about the Framework Convention on Climate Change and 12 years ago, they added new measures to the original treaty (even tough said measures became active only in 2005)!

Kyoto U. = Yamanaka & iPSs

"I think he means the climate change symposium, and that is Kyoto University."

Ah. Sorry about that. FCCC could also stand for Fox Chase Cancer Center. A point for BdN for correctly guessing the campus and a point to Alex for the pointing out that the hint was a reference to Shinya Yamanaka's discovery.

Is there an index for this series, whereby one can look up which campuses have been featured in the past? (BTW, I was educated here. Wide shot here.)

By Adrian Morgan (not verified) on 04 Nov 2009 #permalink