Multimedia Friday : Brain Power - the shirt and video!

I swear I'm not being paid... but it does follow the theme of our blog.

Check out their merchandise as well :)


Ok.. who is going to buy me one of these shirts?

HT: Sandra!

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This is actually pretty much the most useful and accurate infographic I've ever seen in my entire life. Thank goodness this appears on an article highlighting the brain region responsible for decoding sarcasm. Now that you've seen this amazing infographic you know exactly how sarcasm happens in…
Ok, hold the phone everyone!!!!!!! A volunteer from Irene Pepperberg's lab has informed me that parrot-related merchandise is available for purchase, to help support her lab and research on grey parrots. I am totally going to buy every one of these items, er, once I get my stipend check, that is.…
...than matching ant shirts? Courtesy of these guys. Thanks! (and yes, that's what we here at Myrmecos international headquarters look like).
This gallery is sweet! The Online gallery of modern and vintage psychiatric drug advertising has a large selection of some pretty scary old drug advertisements and packaging. Like these: I wonder what the people of the future are going to say about our current psychiatric system? HT: Dave