Happy B-Day PZ!


Happy Birthday old man Myers!


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Today is PZ Myers' 51st birthday. We've done it last year and the year before. As I did last time, I will collect a linkfest of all the posts - especially those that use the LOLCats generator (Greg has collected some pictures if you want to use them). First out of the starting gate: Greg Laden:…
This is supposedly the earliest known octopus, being from the middle Jurrasic, found in France.  Think old.   Happy birthday, PZ Myers!
On this day in 1957, A magnitude 9.1 earthquake shook the Andreanof Islands in Alaska, the second strongest quake in U.S. history (although Alaska would not become the 49th state until more than a year later), generating a tsunami that hit the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat…
We had our very first meeting of UMM Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists tonight. About two dozen people had expressed interest before, so we expected, optimistically, about 20 people to show up. We got there a little early, and people were waiting for us … and then our 20 were there, and then…

Spelt whose name incorrectly? John's or PZ's or ?

And if you misspell a name incorrectly, then is it correct?

It is sad when a Fortune Cookie Factory explodes all over your blog.