Meet the Remaining Top 20 Finalists for the Kavli Video Contest!

The Kavli Science Video Contest has wrapped up with over 260 entries! Now it's time for the People's Choice Vote, in advance of the awards ceremony on April 29, in Washington, DC, as part of the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Voting is easy, just view the videos on YouTube and click 'like" for your favorites. Click here to view the videos.

We have been highlighting the Top 20 Finalists on our blog for the past two weeks. In today's blog get to know the remaining Top 20 Finalists:


Entrant: Jenna Mason, 17
Entry: Ubiquitous Science
What are your favorite subjects? English, Environmental Science, Government and Politics
Can you tell us what inspired you to make this video? I made this video because it applies to my planned future career and allows me to use my creativity to speak to a large audience about such an important aspect of our lives.
What do you want to study in college? I want to study communications.
Which college? I'm going to Penn State Lehigh Valley for two years and then transferring up to the main campus of PSU.
What kind of career do you want to pursue? I want to pursue a career that involves writing, photography, film, advertising, or broadcast journalism.

Entrants: Diana Sagastume, 17 and Jazmin Jurkiewicz, 16
Entry: Where Would The World be Without Engineering?
Diana & Jazmin.jpg
What are your favorite subjects? Diana: Engineering Practicum and English
Jazmin: Chemistry and Spanish
Can you tell us what inspired you to make this video? In our Engineering Practicum class, we designed different boxes full of simple machines put together in order to navigate a golf ball through and out of the box. That's when we decided that the theme for our video should come from our engineering project.
What do you want to study in college? Diana: Architectural Engineering
Jazmin: Chemical Engineering
What kind of career(s) do you want to pursue?
Diana: Architecture
Jazmin: Teaching

Entrants: Alice S. Lin 14, Michael Duong 13, Celine Veys 14, Peter Yang 13
Entry: Nanobots
What are your favorite subjects?
Alice & Celine- Science and math, Michael- Math and music, Peter- Math and Orchestra
Can you tell us what inspired you to make this video?
Alice- While brainstorming some themes for the video, we first considered doing something in the biotechnological field. We found that biotechnology largely refers to nanotechnology. From there, we began discussing how cancer affected millions of people around the world and how nanobots had the potential of saving them.
Michael- My friends and I just wanted to have fun and make this video.
Celine- Our interest for new medical technology that could potentially save lives
Peter- We wanted to think about a topic that wasn't well known, and elaborate on how it could save lives, so we looked into the technological and medical field, and found out about nanobots.
What do you want to study in college?
Alice- The medical field, Michael- I'm not entirely sure, but probably pharmacy, Celine- Physics/Chemistry, Peter- Computer Science
Which college ( if applicable)?
Alice- Harvard University or John Hopkins Medical School, Michael- Undecided, Celine- MIT or CalTech, Peter- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
What kind of career do you want to pursue?
Alice- I intend on becoming a doctor. Michael- I would probably want to be a pharmacist. Celine- Engineer, Peter- Programmer

Thank you to all of the entries for the 2012 Kavli Foundation "Save the World Through Science & Engineering" Video Contest!!


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