Entertaining ENGINEERING.COM Returns as Festival Sponsor!

engineering.com_logo_no_text-1ENGINEERING.COM, with its mission to inform, inspire and entertain the world's engineers -- and future engineers -- is returning as a key sponsor of the USA Science & Engineering Festival and Expo in 2014.

Widely known for having its fingers directly on the pulse of the fascinating, ever-evolving realm of engineering innovation, ENGINEERING.COM will help expand the scope and reach of Festival excitement, education and inspiration by serving once again as the event's official videographer, which will include capturing the bevy of high-profile activity taking place during Expo finale weekend.

"We look forward to returning to the Festival to share and celebrate the spirit of innovation, and the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), with young learners and other visitors," says John Hayes, President of ENGINEERING.COM.

Looking to top their performance at the Festivals in 2010 and 2012, ENGINEERING.COM, as official videographer again next year, will conduct engaging and insightful on-camera interviews with well-known, high-profile scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs at the Festival and Expo. The interviews help not only to document the Festival but also serve as important learning and motivational resources after the event for young, budding innovators. (Individual interviews with noted science and engineering innovators from previous Expos, can be viewed on ENGINEERING.COM's Learning Series Channel site.)

"These are exciting times in STEM, and ENGINEERING.COM is thrilled about being a part of what's happening in engineering," says John.

In commenting on his organization's mission to inform, inspire and entertain current and future engineers, he explains: "Engineers are trusted with solving some of the world's most challenging problems -- from clean water to decoding the human genome, so it is important that we keep them informed on the latest advances in their field. We also need to inspire engineers to overcome the difficulties in their work to reach for what they can achieve." In the process, he adds, it is important to be entertaining as well. "Engineering isn't drudgery. It's exciting work and we get that across in entertaining ways. All of these goals mesh closely with those of the Festival in STEM, which is why we're delighted to be partnering with the event again."

Based in Toronto, Canada, ENGINEERING.COM has rapidly emerged as the premier online destination for engineers and engineering students of all disciplines, offering a wide range of information and entertainment - including videos, free tools and news on the latest innovations in engineering, such as its popular news video series, This Week in Engineering.

We thank ENGINEERING.COM and all of our Festival Sponsors for helping is to inspire the innovators of tomorrow!

Watch the 2012 USA Science & Engineering Festival highlights from ENGINEERING.COM below! 

USA Science & Engineering Festival Video Highlight



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