From Its Daily News Aggregator to Social Media, STEMconnector® Has the Festival Covered!

STEMconnectorSTEMconnector®, "the one-stop shop for who's doing what in science, technology, engineering and math", has joined the Festival's growing cadre of Sponsors, bringing to the event a proven ability to keep professionals, students and the public abreast of STEM news and updates across a broad spectrum.

"STEMconnector® is proud to be a partner for the USA Science Festival as we support and endorse the largest gathering in the world celebrating science and engineering," says Edie Fraser, CEO of STEMconnector. "We couldn't be happier than to see young people interested in STEM and believe in the great leadership and mission of the Festival."

STEMconnector® -- a consortium of companies, nonprofit associations, government entities, and academic institutions actively working to promote STEM education and careers in the United States -- will support broad-based participation of its members and partners at the Festival, says Edie. "We will use our STEMdaily® [the organization's daily news aggregator] and our social media for major outreach daily. Our communications team will work diligently to cover Festival activities and put them up on our site," she adds.

To keep track of who is doing what in STEM, subscribe to the STEMdaily by visiting STEMconnector® will be covering the Festival through a special edition of STEMdaily.

STEMconnector also has a keen interest in engaging kids at an early age in a wide range of areas across the STEM pipeline. "We need to focus on the entire pipeline, and that includes young kids who will be part of STEM careers in the years to come," says Lorena Fimbres, Director of Corporate Development for STEMconnector®.

As both a resource and a service, STEMconnector® is designed to link "all things STEM" by offering comprehensive products and services to its prime stakeholders network. STEMconnector® differentiates itself by focusing on the entire pipeline and how STEM education translates into jobs and careers with a particular emphasis on diversity.

Some of STEMconnector's®  products and services include: a website containing 6,500 profiles of stakeholders in STEM Education and careers; Million Women Mentors®(MWM), a collective national campaign and program with the purpose of captivating one million mentors to link with one million girls and young professionals to help them advance in STEM careers. STEMdaily® and EdTech Weekly Report are news aggregators and curators with outreach to 17,000 daily through email and social media.

STEMconnector® also has specific work groups that bring together thought leaders to affect and achieve the best results in STEM objectives. Examples include: STEM Councils, STEM Innovation Task Force and STEM Food and Ag Council. STEMconnector® also publishes its 100 Leaders in STEM series once a year, having covered 100 Women Leaders in STEM and 100 CEO Leaders in STEM. For 2014, STEMconnector will present its 100 Diverse Corporate Leaders in STEM, which will recognize not only a senior executive per company, but also a diverse up- and- coming rising star.

You can follow STEMconnector® on Facebook (/STEMconnector) and Twitter (@STEMconnector). For information on how to be part of STEMconnector, contact



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