Science-based medicine blog---too successful

Science-based medicine, my other blogging venue, is temporarily down. The posts are written by a stable of fantastic professionals, and they are always a good read---except for today. Recently, we migrated to a new server and shortly thereafter, the blog became buggy until it crashed completely. The culprit appears to be traffic---lots of traffic. That's a good thing (unless it's a DDOS attack, which is not completely implausible).

So, Steve Novella, the guru behind SBM and many other skeptical ventures is moving us to a new host where all will be unicorns and rainbows. Stay tuned.


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Have you ever considered that unicorns and rainbows might be the cause of your problems? Frankly, both are known for being vindictive bastards, at least in the circles I move in. Especially the unicorns.

can you guys hurry up please, my lunchtime reading is severely impaired!

By nipsey russell (not verified) on 22 Sep 2009 #permalink

Science-based Unicorns?!! Hooray!

The Green party is going to be so mad.

By antipodean (not verified) on 22 Sep 2009 #permalink

We've migrated to the new server, and now all that's left should be DNS propagation.

Whew... I was worried. I NEED that site to help counteract my wife's friends info.

Still down as of Oct. 7. Gone for good or just a hiccup?

Don't know what's up yet.

I am anxiously awaiting this blogs return. I would love to know what happened! It is a travesty that I cannot link to it at present, as it is the best defense against the ignorance faced so often.