Altmed gurus not killing enough people, trying to improve

Alternative medicine boosters promote bad health practices that hurt real people---that's been a theme in my writing for nearly three years. It's bad enough that they sell people fake cures and encourage them to avoid real medical care, but apparently, that's not enough anymore. It's getting to the point where they might as well line their victims up against a wall and shoot them. You see now, not satisfied with their current body count, they are suing the FDA to remove the current pandemic flu vaccine. This not only affects the members of their medical cults, but all of us.

According to Mike Adams(!), the lawsuit is being filed on behalf of Gary Null, whom he generously describes as a "licensed health care worker". The actual lawsuit is nowhere to be found yet, but what possible standing could Gary Null, Fake Doctor, have to file such a suit? What claim of harm could he possibly make?

Look, assnuts, if you're weird health religion doesn't let you get a flu shot, fine. But the rest of us don't need you fucking with the public health. What's next, suing the drain commission to allow us to have access to pure, untreated brown water? I thought these idiots were supposed to be about prevention! Poor John Snow is turning in his grave, batting away images of pump handles being placed on contaminated wells.

I very much hope that if this gets filed, some wise judge tosses these guys out on their asses, preferably with onerous fines.

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This suit has no chance of succeeding, but unfortunately the government still has to respond. It will probably be disposed of at an early stage. What a waste of taxpayer's money.

By Marilyn Mann (not verified) on 09 Oct 2009 #permalink

Null may have a "doctorate" that's about as real as his haircolor but he does have team of eleven (!!) lawyers working on the case.For masochistic readers, his website highlights his latest foray into "investigative journalism" on vaccines and his recent picketing NY's Gov. Paterson ( doesn't the guy have enough problems with Obama backing Cuomo).

By Denice Walter (not verified) on 09 Oct 2009 #permalink

Wow. I thought everyone who used saunas (which ought to exclude anyone at high risk of cardiovascular problems and a list of other medical issues) knew they needed to stay hydrated, and get out fast if they start to suffer respiratory or heat stress - I can remember as a kid my (undiagnosed) asthma started playing up in a German sauna, and when he saw me struggling to get out the door, a total stranger tossed me over his shoulder and carried me over to a life-guard. I had the attention of half the pool staff and my parents got a bit of a tongue-lashing for leaving me in there unsupervised. Are the woo-meisters really more reckless and ill-informed than a terrified ten-year-old whose lungs have just stopped working properly?

By stripey_cat (not verified) on 10 Oct 2009 #permalink

If you go to Gary Null's web site and click on "About Gary", there is a photo of him. My God! Who would take advice from him?? He looks like a mental patient.