Tonight: Black Holes and Holographic Worlds - Live

At 8:00 pm EST tonight, tune in to the live stream of Black Holes and Holographic Worlds, which Greg Boustead and myself will also be covering live from NYU's Skirball Center. Moderator Alan Alda and physicists Raphael Bousso, Robbert Dijkgraaf, Andrew Hamilton and Kip Thorne will explore recent discoveries about what are perhaps the most mysteriously named objects in the universe - black holes - and how they have led to the idea that our entire world might be something like a hologram. Hope you join us!

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The idea that our universe might be a part of huge hologram is quite an interesting theory, though by no means a new one. I am quite passionate about holograms and I have traveled to many countries to procure information on how to make a real one.
I would appreciate your insight and opinion!


If your holograph emitting deck starts to malfunction, make sure to secure the doors and disable the Sherlock Holmes program lest your villain escape and try to take over the Enterprise.