Map of The World's Fair

What we have here is success, to communicate. Dave and I want to map out the site, and use a map to do it, and so a map it is. It's not just a metaphor, people. It's also an image. It's not just an image, it's also a guide. We're trying to get our stuff together, so this will help us wend our way through the place.

i-fab99cd518788bdb12eb173cea26ea8c-1893 Chicago Worlds Fair Map.gif

Source: A History of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893

The proposed architecture for the place will go basically in this manner:

  1. NatureLand: What They Used to Call the Environment

i-25ea2372af5624faeee16e3956b84ea2-FDA Nature World smaller.jpg
  • The Art/Science (Non?)Divide Building: Our Residents Discuss the Matter
  • The Book Building
  • The Film Building
    • a. Video links ( samples, for example;; others...)
      b. Movie discussion
      i. Contemporary
      ii. Futuristic filmography
      iii. Science in Film in General
  • The Website Building
  • Ethics Palace: Where ethical questions go to live or die
  • Knoxville '82: Where Miscellany Thrive
  • Of course, it's all subject to revision and updating, but you knew that, it's a blog (June 12,2006).

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    Of course, we'll need to let folks know where the bathroom is... I'm sure that's a category where a lot of our stuff should probably go in the end.