Write a little something sciency - win a dinosaur book!

The SCQ children's book contest is back again.


We have been neglectful for the last 5 months, but here we are back again. Once again, the SCQ is seeking general submissions, where any submission that makes its way to our pages is a contender, The one that we receive before the end of August that we happen to like the best will be our victor. These pieces can be anything, serious, not serious, funny, not funny, pretty, not pretty, etc.

And the prize... Well, a really pretty dinosaur book, by award winner artist Christopher Wormell.

Again, send in your good stuff to tscq@interchange.ubc.ca.

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My idea is to write a factual book about dinosaurs but entitle it "My Pet Dinosaur." Maybe then the Bushies would get suckered into reading it.

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