What are you doing? (Science scouts tries out this twitter thing - plus, best equation ever!)

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A couple weeks ago, I thought it would be interesting to start up a twitter account for the Science Scout stuff. Anyway, initially I put up a pretty vague "Increasing the N" tweet, in the hopes that we would get a few followers, and lo and behold, we have about 120 right now.

Anyway, I've been thinking about what exactly would be the flavor of tweets coming from this account. In other words, I'm not interested in an account for me (Dave Ng) per se, but rather one that is just so delicious science geeky that folks would think it's funny to join. Kind of like a daily dose of geekness - maybe even something that can pass as a strange mechanism of science literacy.

There's a couple of great twitter accounts out there whose sole purpose is to break the monotony of personalized messages. This one is pretty classic:

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As is this one from Darth Vader:

i-a34c128355857a8fe70d091d4546de24-Picture 4.png

So, I've just put up the first of what I hope is many. I figured I should go with an equation first (and a doozy one at that). Really now, what is better than the all pervasive first law of thermodynamics.

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