Making the perfect music mix: Song #4 is a cover of a classic 80's tune, and oh so mellow...

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1. Waterfall - James
2. Wake Up - Arcade Fire
3. Never Had Nobody Like You - M Ward
4. No one is to blame - Emile Millar

Finding a great cover tune is tantamount to a glimpse of the promised land for a mixed tape afficionado. And if the cover happens to do justice to a classic, and one that has considerable kitsch value, then so much the better. Add the possibility of it being a fresh interpretation and - wait for it - also good, then you should be good to go.

Anyway, I think this cover of Howard Jones, "No One is to Blame", which I recently overheard in a movie called The Waitress fits the bill. It's nicely done by Emile Millar, and has this nice relaxed country twang to it. Plus, it's a chance to shift the tempo of my mix (the first three were pretty sunny and fast).

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