#8: Alternative Sponsors (Ten Best of the Decade from Half of the World's Fair)

For a year or so, we had the privilege at the World's Fair to garner our own sponsors, corporate and otherwise, so as not to rely on money from Dow Chemical or Shell, money that Seed Media Group was all too willing to take. In the end, we had nine separate alternative sponsors, each coming with its own tale to tell about the morally tenuous, environmentally destructive activities of Dow Chemical. The first ran in May 2007, the last in April 2008. Below are all the sponsors together, a class photo of sorts.

i-9ed56cce3e70cfb1aa499ed09a49137b-#8 Alternative Sponsors.jpg


i-2e74eee48396b7206acc308019f0e2a2-Dapper Desperado.jpg

i-9db4ac75abbd52718e56cad0395cf84a-Shoe ad.jpg

i-b8c10146a4eebd9ced7cb107e0d1d8d4-Hungarian Cookbook.jpg

i-5cb2af13bc252a2c2b7a832861fd14b0-The Encyclopedia Brittanica Sponsorship.jpg

i-76c8f9213df3ab078c1ba00f2780fb1e-Bell Telephone Sponsorship.jpg

i-22a5ffeca21f8ba9803a27c22638e9a8-Kaspar Schott How to Determine the Depth of a Well.jpg

i-3b4db283cbaa9bac24ccbb35222cb2a5-Swiss Alpines.JPG


i-c0e47c6332da2364b78f6e1beafdb3c5-Meat Packers Are The Best.sm.jpg

The evidence of Dow's debased policies that went with some of these ads: one, two, three, four, five, and six.

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Ahh: the dapper desperado. It basically sums me up to a T. When I think of the dapper desperado, I'm reminded of how great science is. And I've been cooking Hungarian since 1982; there's no such thing as too much goulash.

Shouldn't it be Dapper Desperado? Capitalized-like?