It doesn't seem like nearly so many, but we have reached our first milestone: 100 posts. To celebrate, we decided to give you an inside look into how your fellow Zooillogix readers found our site. Some of you know us personally (we're sorry), some of you were spammed by us (like the entire Cambridge Zoology Department) and many of you were part of the 140,000 visitor tsunami that visited our Jogging Flower post. However, many of you arrived via good old Google keyword searches. Here are some of our favorite actual searches that, for better and often worse, apparently brought visitors to our site:

The Inquisitive

  • can my bearded dragon lizard eat 17 year cicadas
  • do flies have nests
  • do real frogs glow in the dark?
  • why don't some rabbit's don't like been cuddled?

The Kids (we hope!)

  • is a cat a mammal?
  • how to catch a pigeon stick cage
  • chase girls with bugs

The Lost

  • baby nietzsche
  • friends of luca brasi
  • i was saved by a homeless man
  • nicole richie juno beach

The Poo

  • is sloth poo used for fertilizer?
  • toxic in pigeon's poo poo
  • salamandar poop
  • fungi poop on a stick

The Unfortunate

  • cage fun for humans
  • man animals mating
  • sheep closest to female human
  • stick fruit in butt
  • stick your finger in a sheep
  • bizarre "lactation"
  • i found headless bird


  • sculpture of a polar bear by an aardvark
  • lemur and centipede drunk
  • do you have ant websites about polar bears?
  • lemur !!!!!!!!1

Our Favorite

  • glow in the dark beast brothers!

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