The Ultimate In Eco-Gift Giving

Are you a really dedicated Greenie? Do you eat, sleep, and dream renewable resources? Well then, I think I have a gift you could feel good buying.

Eco-Gifting at its best:
Elephant Crap Recycled

How about journals, stationary, and other paper products made entirely from Elephant Dung? No, seriously. The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Comapany Limited offers stylish, affordable recycled paper products that are unlike any other. They've been recycled through an elephant!

"Our purpose is to successfully sell our goods in order to complete a truly creative sustainable cycle" touts their statement of purpose. The site also donates a portion of their profits to aid in elephant conservation, which is great, too. And you simply can't get more sustainable than poo paper, so their products are 100% eco-friendly.

Personally, I think this is the funniest, most creative and ingenious idea for a gift that I have found in a long time. Not only can you get someone nice stationary, you can revel in the look on their face when you let them know it's made of crap, literally. So show your loved ones your dedication to green with some paper made from brown!

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