4 Cats, 1 Rat Artificially Resuscitated After Fire

Firefighters in Pocatello, Idaho, pulled the lifeless bodies of four cats and an albino rat from a blaze and then managed to bring them back back to life through artificial resuscitation. The fire department had purchased tiny oxygen masks for use on small animals two years ago.

Do cats hear "wha-wha-wha-wha-wha" also?

The firefighter who rescued the rat, Kirby Jonas, described coming upon the animal's cage. "If I were betting money, I would have put down $10,000 that anything in that cage was dead," he said, according to msnbc.com.

Actual footage of Jonas during the blaze...

Jonas also noted a poster above the rat's cage of an albino rat with a halo over its head. Perhaps an omen? No word yet on whether the department was able to use that tiny defibrillator they bought back in 2003.

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