Tough Love for Fat Hamsters

With water on tap and plentiful food pellets, hamsters live seemingly carefree lives... But there is a darker side to the hamster experience: hamster obesity. The first step is admitting to yourself that your hamster is a fat-ass and should be ashamed of her appearance. The second step is purchasing this awesome Japanese hamster-wheel pedometer. Now when you get home from work and little ScrapScrap claims to have gone to the gym, you can check the pedometer and make sure she's telling the truth.

i-79c0e86ee513efcf9b60dbc6a899a941-hamster Meter.jpg
If you read Japanese, maybe you can figure out how to buy one here...

If she's lying, a good hamster punishment is to put them in a clear plastic hamster ball and...

...let the cat bat them around.

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This is incredible! Really though, is hamster obesity that big of an issue? there's more to this product, there has to be... or not. oh the Japanese, what will they come up with next?

By Olivia Wadsworth (not verified) on 30 Sep 2007 #permalink

Eliminate the middlemen! Eliminate the middlemen! Neither gimzo is necessary.

Just put the hamster on the floor and let the cat bat it... oh, er, I see the problem now...
Cat might choke on a fat hamster.

...runs away.