Science and Technology: It's Fun, You'll See!

The commercial that inspired Ben and me to be English majors.

Thanks to Peter Angelastro for unearthing this gem.

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The best part of this video is the wholesome message at the end: consistently drunk monkeys "tend to make better leaders and command greater respect!" Vervet monkeys, Cercopithecus aethiops. Thanks to Brent Edwards for sending along this gem.
News: Major Decisions - Inside Higher Ed "For 15 broad categories of majors, such as engineering, physical science, and business, the report explores the median and quartile pay, the percentage of the major comprising women and minorities, and the percentage of individuals from that major who went…
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There is an interesting SciBlog back-and-forth going on about the "pipeline" problem and retention of underrepresented subset of physical sciencists. The discussion raises some interesting points, but I want to pick on one small item: the question of intro classes and entry into major. Does anyone…

man, i'm glad i didn't see that during my formative years... i might be a lawyer now.

Full of WIN! In a perverse kind of way :-)

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