Hot Moth Action

Time once again for some of Igor Siwanowicz's spectacular insect photography. We've brought you his mantis photos in the past (#1 , #2, and #3) so we decided to switch it up and take a look at some of his moths. Unfortunately Igor doesn't tell us which species we are looking at, but maybe some of our entomologically inclined readers will chime in.

i-06bb2ce59fb969c20968ebe5c23130f9-moth 1.jpg

i-8c1941b1fb262fc966ae6f786d6726cc-moth 2.jpg

i-dde69588a4aac1fb00e5c5909a91e4ed-moth 3.jpg

more below the fold

i-bcbfdbb50cccbc895652c85ec69469c4-moth 4.jpg

i-ed96b79ef17d3a9686c82d59e8efcd16-moth 5.jpg

i-9ce5d9123a6255958c4b9b34981d5f24-moth 6.jpg

i-de25d804715fb943a651b5d71aa71f31-moth 7.jpg
This last one might be a butterfly, but that's a killer proboscis...

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We've brought you some of Igor Siwanowicz's incredible work in the past (Round I and Round II) but wanted to share some of his newer photos. Please visit his site and hire him to do the photos for your daughter's bat mitzvah or something... A whole series demonstrating Igor's outstanding head…
Yeah, like it says in the title.. what is wrong wih this hippo? (photographed at Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery). Or, 'was' wrong.. given that it's now dead. I really should say more about hippos at some stage. So far there's only this, and that's just not good enough.

Those pictures are absolutely AMAZING. Wowie wow wow. I had to scroll back and look again, a few more times...the detail is just that jaw-dropping.

By Beadfreak (not verified) on 09 Jun 2008 #permalink

These are great! Number two should be called the Wooly Mammoth Moth.

one time an old friend, her mom, and I were watching a sci-fi movie called Mansquito.

Her mom, in the middle of the movie, asked "Is that your proboscis or are you just happy to see me?"

Funniest thing I've ever heard a mom say. :D

Utterly incredible pics! Wow!

Funny to think that there must be teeny little creatures that DO see these guys as huge colourful monsters...

They're so fuzzy! I'd go hug a moth but I'm sure it wouldn't end well.