Hot Moth Action

Time once again for some of Igor Siwanowicz's spectacular insect photography. We've brought you his mantis photos in the past (#1 , #2, and #3) so we decided to switch it up and take a look at some of his moths. Unfortunately Igor doesn't tell us which species we are looking at, but maybe some of our entomologically inclined readers will chime in.

i-06bb2ce59fb969c20968ebe5c23130f9-moth 1.jpg

i-8c1941b1fb262fc966ae6f786d6726cc-moth 2.jpg

i-dde69588a4aac1fb00e5c5909a91e4ed-moth 3.jpg

more below the fold

i-bcbfdbb50cccbc895652c85ec69469c4-moth 4.jpg

i-ed96b79ef17d3a9686c82d59e8efcd16-moth 5.jpg

i-9ce5d9123a6255958c4b9b34981d5f24-moth 6.jpg

i-de25d804715fb943a651b5d71aa71f31-moth 7.jpg
This last one might be a butterfly, but that's a killer proboscis...

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Those pictures are absolutely AMAZING. Wowie wow wow. I had to scroll back and look again, a few more times...the detail is just that jaw-dropping.

By Beadfreak (not verified) on 09 Jun 2008 #permalink

These are great! Number two should be called the Wooly Mammoth Moth.

one time an old friend, her mom, and I were watching a sci-fi movie called Mansquito.

Her mom, in the middle of the movie, asked "Is that your proboscis or are you just happy to see me?"

Funniest thing I've ever heard a mom say. :D

Utterly incredible pics! Wow!

Funny to think that there must be teeny little creatures that DO see these guys as huge colourful monsters...

They're so fuzzy! I'd go hug a moth but I'm sure it wouldn't end well.