Hydrothermal Vents - David Attenborough

An older video that just made its way onto YouTube of the critters that make their homes around hydrothermal vents.

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I just watched that on DVD literally half an hour ago. The most amazing segment was not the vents, but the time-lapse scene of a carcass (didn't catch what it was) being eaten by deepwater scavengers - spider crabs, eels, and some critters who very closely resembled Andrew's picture there.

For anyone who doesn't recognize it, the clip is from the BBC series "Earth", the DVD collection of which I got just a few days ago, and which is *absolutely amazing*. The scope of the project is enormous, and they've managed to capture it all in stunning beauty. The series is divided up into 'biome' segments - Great Plains, Jungle, Deserts, Shallow Oceans, etc. Some highlights include a flock of snow geese beating up on an arctic fox, a billion-strong swarm of locusts in flight, a pride of lions taking down an adult elephant in total darkness, and a Cordyceps fungus taking control of and killing an ant, and then sprouting from its head.