World's Smallest Snake Discovered

Penn State University biologist Blair Hedges seems to have found his niche: identifying the world's tiniest reptiles and amphibians. Having already found world record holders for the smallest lizard and frog, Hedge's has announced the discovery of the world's smallest snake, Leptotyphlops carlae, which grows to only four inches long. Commonly known as the Barbados Thread Snake, the little guy is about .2 inches shorter than the previous record holder, which is native to Martinique.

Hedges believes this wimpy reptile may be the minimum size for a snake. The snake is blind and lays a single, skinny egg which takes up the majority of the mother's body. The babies are born to half the size of the adult and are as thin as spaghetti.

i-7263a391126ed69022e6b04e5e4f1106-snake smallest.jpg
The Barbados Thread Snake is perfectly suited for hiding in human hair and entering human orifices while you sleep.

The discovery will be announced in the journal Zootaxa later today, although it was apparently fed to all the major media outlets this weekend. Additional information can also be found at Hedges Lab, where research apparently focuses on comparing animals to quarters.

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if i can get my hands on two of 'em, maybe i can summon falkor.

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