Banksy Opens Pet Shop in NYC

The pseudo-anonomous British grafitti artist known only as Banksy unveiled an installation in Greenwich Village this week entitled The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill. Included are chicken nuggets that dip themselves in sauce, fish sticks that swim round an aquarium and smoked meats that slither around their tanks. Better knwon for his murals, the installation seems to be making some statement about consumerism, animal rights, and the sheer deliciousness of processed foods.

A sign in front of the shop reads "Open for Pet Supplies/Rare Breeds/Mechanically retrieved meat."

Cool pics and vid below. More available at the NY Times

Chicken nuggets that dunk themselves
i-d63a156dc9f93c8495d96a4105007d8d-chicken nuggets.jpg

Schooling fish sticks
i-6832ae9af0a7c4d96efeab59dfc52fe1-fish sticks.jpg

Slithering hot dogs
i-9aa3c9a7483f5969f6fd13c8ca6d37da-hot dogs.jpg

More pics and video below the fold.

Dolphin ride action

Leopard skin coat kitty

Thanks to Javier Barrio for the tip.

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