Baby Walrus Gets Bling

Still trying to figure out where the dividing line is between my new project, ZooBorns, and Zooillogix, but this definitely spans the two.


Sixteen-month-old Pacific walrus Akituusaq shows off his new set of titanium crowns at his home in Sea Cliffs at the New York Aquarium. "Aki" was fitted with these crowns by Wildlife Conservation Society Global Health Program veterinarians working with a dental consultant to protect his tusks from damage during growth. Aki seems to be adjusting well to his new armor.

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The problem now is that he wants a full titanium grill to go with his titanium caps.

Why do I suddenly have the "Moonraker" theme going through my head?

Yoish, that reminds me I have to make a dentist appointment.

I guess it makes sense that baby walruses get baby tusks!

And some NY dentist gets bragging rights that'll get him free drinks at the next several dental conventions....

By Theodosia (not verified) on 24 Oct 2008 #permalink

I want a pair of those for my teeth. I wonder if I will get as much attention...