Stacking Food on Animals

Thanks to Bill K for this kind of thing once again.

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That chimp didn't look too comfortable being trapped in a banana-iglo like that.

The japanese have strange ideas about how to treat animals.
I really had sympathy for the poor lab at the start of the show, he seemed to want those treats *so bad*.

Yeah, Skyen, I agree. All the drool from the lab was a little sad to watch. At least he got quite a few treats at the end!

I love it that you have a "weird japanese" category.

By Karen Runyon (not verified) on 31 Jan 2009 #permalink

Oh, thank you for this.

I do this to my dog, too.

One day she's going to snap and bite my face off, and maybe I'll deserve it. (But in the meantime it's just so damn amusing).