Eagle Vs. Mountain Goat (Caution Explicit Footage)

The following video found below the fold contains explicitly brutal nature footage not suitable for young children or you, Mom. Viewers advised.

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Young goats are pretty small and I didn't know those eagles were big enough to drag them off a cliff. Tragic reality. Humans were more likely the cause of mammoth extinction and other larger prehistoric mammals doing similar things rushing them gang style off of ravines and cliffs to their deaths.

Ineresting bit of natural history, and I think that adults trying to protect kids from seeing this is why our understanding of natural processes is so bad. Kids especially should see these behaviors in context of the rest of the critters life patterns..and that would include reproduction. It's the parents' apprehension which frightens the kids...the road to hell being lined with the best of intentions, as they say. Cheers.

Is our work ethic so skewed that we don't want kids seeing a bird trying to make a living?

This footage is from Spanish Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente series "The Man and the Land". They used to show the wild, bloody side of nature helping a bit -for example tying a goat so it can't run from wolves and eagles, throwing a capibara to piranha-infested rivers, and so on. Good film production for that times, but maybe they can't stand our sissy animal rights era. Felix loved animals, but he was fascinated by predators and that films shows it, twisting the true nature of things too.

Pretty brutal video. As for Felix's other work, it might be interesting but its certainly unethical.

Regarding comment 5 - odd to see crazies on this blog.

Difficult to watch, in a way, but fascinating. Dropping the goat down the cliff is actually a quicker, more humane death than being ripped apart.

#6 - My comment was in ironic mode. Sorry :-P I live in Spain and hear continuous prays for Felix as the "best nature documentalist ever". That's true, because in Spain the genre was never revisited.

Curiosity: in the town of Manganeses de la Polvorosa, people throw a goat from the church's tower. A few years ago, they begin to use a papier mache goat. Evolution?

I agree with Doug. I don't see why anyone should need to be protected from this.

The eagle needed food. He got some.

Where do you think hamburgers come from?

I would hunt the eagles to extinction, I dont give a care if that pisses someone off, Im on the goats side!