WNS Update

Following up on the previous white-nose syndrome blog, WNS has now been confirmed in Missouri. The article is about their monitoring program and does not mention the find, but our sources tell us there was recent PCR-confirmation of Geomyces destructans in samples taken from suspect bats in Missouri as part of this monitoring program.

One way you can help save our bats is to look into getting a bat house. Bat Conservation International and the Organization for Bat Conservation both have great information about bat houses, and here is a wonderful homeowner's guide to bats.

Bat houses are relatively inexpensive (or ridiculously cheap if you make one yourself) and very low maintenance. Plus, your BBQ's will have fewer mosquitoes than your neighbor's. Yeah, suck on that, Flanders!

i-36fb2448f10f3d11363b4677e98d74a5-bat house.JPGi-b7968082d825728ac5f59fd93e1e3aad-bat house 2.jpg

"Dude, move over!"

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Your link for Bat Conservation International doesn't seem to be working.

Hi there, can you share your source for that bat house picture on the left?

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