Aard's First Birthday

i-f0ce4afa618ce7c952064b6f65cd716f-1st-birthday-cake.jpgIt's been a year now since I started blogging at Sb (after a bit more than a year at Blogspot). Looking at the server stats for December 1-28, Aard is ranked #31 out of 66 blogs here for traffic, with a daily median readership of about 650 uniques, including about 130 identifiable returning readers. (Meanwhile, my old site is still attracting a median of about 70 daily uniques.)

Looking at Technorati rankings, Aard is at about 16,000 worldwide with an "authority score" of 317 (28 December). There has been considerable re-shuffling among the top-10 Sblogs from a year ago. Of those ten, only Living the Scientific Life has improved its T rank, and Pharyngula, A Blog Around the Clock and Cognitive Daily have retained theirs. The remaining six have slipped to a varying extent, some clearly no longer being on the top-10 here. It's probably largely a question of lifestyle and job demands impacting posting frequency. Aard's Google PageRank is 6.

Dear Reader, I hope you'll join me for another year! If all goes as planned, I think I'll be able to offer a lot of fieldwork dispatches and bits from my growing book manuscript. Along with whatever catches my fancy!


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Congratulations, Martin - the numbers are a testament to your ability to engage readers in your research area - great job! Looking forward to another fine year of Aard.

Happy blogiversary! Keep the posts coming, especially those on Scandi archaeology! And Happy New Year!

By Denis Vlasov (not verified) on 29 Dec 2007 #permalink

Hey, happy blogiversary, I may not stop by every day, but I do get it in RSS and come buy for almost every new article.

How are you measuring page rank?

Thanks, Thadd!

The Google Toolbar has a page rank readout. Don't be disappointed if your sites rank never seems to rise: Aard was ranked zero for four months and then shot up to six overnight.

Congratulations and a happy new year!

/ Mattias