Stockholm Blogmeet 2 September


The 6th Aardvarchaeology blogmeet was a friendly three-hour affair with good food, good drink and good company. 'Twas me, Kai, MÃ¥rten, Per G, Sigmund, Thinker and Tor, and an excellent time was had at Akkurat.

Here's the historical record of blogmeets past. The archaeological record is, due to modern waste-disposal habits, sadly lost.

  1. Wirström's, March '07.
  2. Wirström's, September '07.
  3. Wirström's, January '08.
  4. Akkurat, September '08.
  5. Akkurat, March '09.
  6. Akkurat, September '09.

In the interest of consistency -- three blogmeets at each tavern -- we must find a new venue for the seventh blogmeet come spring. Suggestions?

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I will certainly try to attend!

Don't know if it's still around, but Limerick (at Tegnérgatan / Döbelnsgatan, near (T) Rådmansgatan) at least to be very good.

The beer list on their site is short, and one commenter opines that "Today (with all their shots ads) it just feels like a generic suburban pub. Sad because this used to be my regular place for a drink for years."

I'll be there.

What do we care about the beer list anyway? I'd like a nice place with a long juice list, know of any?

Good to have you on board! Do bring Ms. Buns!

Of course, I don't want any beer either, but I find it cultivated and reassuring when the management of a pub pays attention to detail enough to offer hundreds of rare drinks.

Limerick never had an extensive beer list, but used to have impeccably kept Guinness and Kilkenny, in regularly cleaned pumps (with close to 200 visits, I cannot recall a single bad pint, something that is alas far too frequent in London).

Strike out #5, will be working in the woods of Ostergotland that day. Do you have access to my schedule and donât want me to attend? Iâm beginning to wonder. Well, have fun, cheers! See you on the 18th in Uppsala?

Magnus Reuterdahl

Count me in.

Sorry, have pet-purchasing activities to attend to, so will not make it. But for the next meet, may I recommend the new Dubliner, at Hötorget, or the cosy Loch Ness, at Mariatorget?

Damn I wish I could come ... but I can't not go to choir practice, it is too much fun.

See you next time!

And for those who had to leave early, the punchline to my story was: ââ¦and then they put the exact same boards back!â

Good to see everyone, as usual!

By the way, just after leaving the restaurant and walking down towards Slussen, I met Peter Pluntky, whom we had been discussing just a few minutes earlier. It's a good thing I'm not superstitious, or I would have interpreted it as a sure sign that I should drop my present life and go into collecting toys...