Most-played Boardgames of 2012

Here are the ten boardgames I played the most over a year with about one gaming session a week.

These are mostly short games that you can play repeatedly in one evening. The longer games that we played more than twice were Last Night on Earth and Yggdrasil. I played 74 different boardgames in 2012. Looking back since mid-2008, the number is 171.

Stats courtesy of Boardgame Geek. And here's my list for 2011. Asterisks above mark 2012 arrivals on the list.

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Excellent stuff! Love the fact that board games remain a much loved pastime and creative market. Still seething though that my 8 year old niece beat 3 seasoned gamers at her first 3 games of 7 Wonders.

By Elliot Symonds (not verified) on 02 Jan 2013 #permalink