Quick! Save your kids from the liberal homosexual communists!

Oh man, Answers in Genesis shills to the most amusing people. I subscribe to their newsletter--partly to keep tabs on what they're up to, partly for the entertainment value. They must sell their mailing list, because yesterday in the mail I received the most amusing brochure. It proclaims, "Students are risk! Adults at risk!", asking "What's influencing you and your family? Discover how to reject the influence of secular thinking for Biblical truth." Meanwhile, it asks, "Can you, your student, or grandchild refute the humanist worldview of Professor Smith [heh] and our culture?"

Of course, they're selling something. In this case, it's a "worldview weekend" conference that's taking place in Cedar Rapids, IA. According to the brochure, this is a "power-packed weekend featuring some of the most gifted biblical teachers and communicators of our time."

Who, they claim, should attend, and why is it important? "Professor Smith and our culture are attacking essential Christian truths. Worldview Weekend is for anyone who wants to be equipped with the knowledge and power to stand strong, refute secular lies and proclaim truth."

Here's the best part: one of the people they have presenting to "refute" these "secular lies" is none other than David Barton. Yep, Barton of the made-up quotes. (If you don't accept an atheist site for a reference, check out Barton's own spin and excuses here.) Must be nice to have a gig like that--no need to bother with real scholarship.

Other speakers I don't recognize; they have a full list of speakers and bios here (if only Kirk Cameron was going to be there...that might tempt me to go). Reading many of those bios, it feels like I'm living in some kind of alternative reality. Like one where biology, sociology, and history quailfy as "theologies. Or somethin'.

The final strange thing is that they stole the presidential seal for their conference.



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Did you take their quiz. I am hopelessly lost and should immediately attend their conference if there is any hope for me.

By perpetualstudent (not verified) on 31 Jan 2006 #permalink

I saw it, but they said to budget 25 minutes! No thank ye--I already know I'm "hopelessly lost." :)

The highlight of the quiz was "George W. Bush the president of the United States (Agree/Disagree)." It was placed in the family section. I have no idea what it has to do with family. But somehow, I didn't even answer that question correctly.

By perpetualstudent (not verified) on 31 Jan 2006 #permalink

There was a guy in my graduate-level genetics class at Harvard who wore an Answers in Genesis shirt to lectures. At first I hoped it was worn ironically, but sadly I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case...

By immunokid (not verified) on 01 Feb 2006 #permalink

The thing I liked about the test, a humorous way, was the fact that a lot of the questions are opinion and you are assigned points on matching the answers of the quiz creators and lose points when you disagree with them. Me score is in the negative, which delights me.