DonorsChoose--wrapping it up

I had relatives visiting this weekend and haven't touched the computer since Friday, so let me start back out by updating y'all on the finally DonorsChoose numbers. Janet has the summary here, but it's actually been revised a bit as some other blogs met their goal (and were thus eligible for a 10% bonus from the DonorsChoose people):

Total donations: $22,554.38
Amount matched by SEED: $10,000
Completion bonus from DonorsChoose: $1447.30
Total raised: $34,001.68

Thanks to all of you who donated and spread the word. This is a pretty awesome accomplishment.

Additionally, as Janet notes:

Don't forget: If you want to be in the drawing for the fabulous prizes, forward your email confirmation from DonorsChoose it to: This is your contest entry. Starting July 5, we'll select random entries and keep going till we've given away all the prizes.

There were almost 200 individuals who donated, but thus far, we still have more prizes than emails, so don't forget to send yours along to Janet for a little thank-you gift.

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