Pediatric Grand Rounds 2.11

Welcome to this month's edition of Pediatric Grand Rounds! Sit back with a cup of mulled cider and enjoy the best of the past month:

Revere at Effect Measure tells the tale of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 19A--a serotype that's not included in the current vaccine, but has increasingly found as a cause of ear aches in children.

Of course, in addition to ear infection, 'tis the season for influenza. As such, it's timely that Highlight Health, Walter emphasizes the importance of influenza vaccination.

My own addition to this month's carnival touches on similar themes: how kids' continued omission from pandemic influenza planning, an increase in exemptions from routine childhood vaccinations, and more community outbreaks of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) may be creating a new "perfect storm" of infectious diseases.

Meanwhile, Mike elaborates on recent news suggesting that MRSA causes even more yearly deaths in the U.S. than AIDS.

Christian at Med Journal Watch discusses new research suggesting that of vitamin supplements in kids are often overused--and that most of the kids who are taking them are already fairly healthy anyway.

At Parenting Solved, Bryan takes a look at gastric reflux in children--a new epidemic?

On the same theme of potential overuse of medicine in kids, Abel at Terra Sigillata covers the recent childrens' cold medicine controversy. What do the numbers really mean, and was the FDA ruling justified?

Perhaps instead of pharmaceuticals, try acupuncture? Dr. Ben reviews a recent study on the procedure.

Finally, on the lighter side, Zoo Knudsen sends along a report about a new advertising strategy employed by infant formula companies, and ERV lists another benefit of immunization: superpowers!

No host is penned in for next month yet, so keep an eye on the schedule for updates...

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The denialism they dont remember thread does not work anymore so I had to break this mindboggling news here. A Ivy leauge professor John Moore has just made one of the most vile disgusting statments Ive ever heard in my life, hes mocking another scientist that is dying of cancer.

Urgent message to fellow rethinkers and any one else with a conscience.
Did you catch what JP moore said about Harvey bialy?

"(at least since Harvey Bialy wandered off the scene to die of his kidney cancer)" John moore

Its in the "denialism they dont remember thread"

HEs a professor and hes mocking people while they are dying of cancer! THis quote shows what a sick madman he is! IF we make public this disgusting statement he made it would show the world what a deranged man he is!

Does Tara have the courage to condemn this statement? Is it ok to mock people while they might be dying of cancer?

Here is his disgusting post, filled with ad hominem attacks as usual, but mocking people who are dying or possibly dying of Cancer?............

OK, now I'm really confused..... Pat, who its been obvious for days now is Christine Maggiore writing under a pseudonym, is attacked by fellow AIDS denialist Claus Jensen, writing as Molecular Entry Claw (why and why?), then admits in a fit of temper that she (Pat) is indeed Christine Maggiore, but next Molecular Entry Claw (Jensen) denies it was him who attacked her/Pat/Christine Maggiore, and then Christine Maggiore (writing under her own name or, as ElkMountainMan suggests, perhaps someone else pretending to be Christine Maggiore) denies being Pat after all, and also denies admitting that she (Pat?) admitted to being Christine Maggiore (have I missed any link in the bizarre chain of events?).

But then, thinking about, what else should one expect from AIDS denialists? They've never been known for clarity of expression, telling the truth, integrity, logic, etc. So the above events are entirely within their standard modus operandi, and no doubt they either see some perverse logic to it all, or else it's another manifestation of the internecine splits within the ranks of denialism that occur now and then, to the amusement of the rest of us (e.g., Perth Group vs Duesberg).

I'm also still confused about cooler, who appears to occupy this site principally to boast about his alleged sexual conquests, which presumably explains why his typing appears to be carried out using only one hand. But is cooler really a sophisticated plant, a parody of an AIDS denialist, created by AIDS professionals to make the world of denialism look worse than it already is, as has been suggested earlier on this string? It's an interesting theory. But to invent cooler would be overkill, as Jan Spreen is the living embodiment of the AIDS denialist parody, the arch conspiracy theorist and nihilist who already serves as AIDS science's best exemplar of the madness of AIDS denialism (at least since Harvey Bialy wandered off the scene to die of his kidney cancer). So, with Spreen already posting on this Blog, would anyone actually NEED to invent cooler? I doubt it, so cooler probably is real; sad, lonely, foolish, mono-dimensional, Dr.Lo-obsessed but real.

And who the heck is BuffaloValleyWoman?

Ah well, it's all too puzzling, and rather a waste of time, so I don't think I'll bother looking at this thread again. But do take a look at AIDS Truth's next posting, on how the denialists use fake identities and commit cybercrimes, to get some insights into just who some of these various people truly are, and how they operate on the internet.

John Moore (aka Moore, John; John P. Moore)

Posted by: John Moore | November 3, 2007 1:38 AM

Only Cooler would quote anything so damaging to his cause. Will there be any posts on childhood psychiatric disorders in the next installment of Pediatric Grand Rounds, and has any work been done on psychiatric disorders that mimic childish thinking?

Mocking people while they are dying of cancer is just not right, did you take any ethics classes in college, did you even go to college? If you think what jp mooore said is so noble then go to the Cancer ward and say the same things to dying patients. You need to get checked out.

Hey Tara, thanks for picking up my post about the FDA committee discussions on children's cough and cold medicines - I can't believe that I forgot to submit it!