Why would anyone vote against Pi. . . ?

The Pi Day bill went up for a vote today and passed 391-10. Now Congressman Jason Chaffetz explains (via Twitter, natch) why he dared vote against the hallowed number:


Fie, fie! No Yes PeCan Pi for you, Representative Chaffetz (R-Utah)! But kudos for a creative excuse.

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In USA 3 14 is 14th March. In UK we tried 31 4 but april doesn;t have 31 days. Only works because you guys can't do dates properly.


It's so sad that pi doesn't work in the UK, eddie! How on earth do you calculate circumferences over there? Poor Brits. ;)

The brits probably use circles as their basic geometric elements, and derive lines from there.. then you'd need pi in reverse, which might go better with the dates (quick math: one divided by pi gives you .318etc. so 31st of August it is?).

It's a miracle the brits calculate anything! ;-) They use 'stone' as a measurement! And 'feet' too, but then again you 'mericans are not truly metric yet either, now are ya?

By Jan-Maarten (not verified) on 13 Mar 2009 #permalink

An irrational responce seems...

...somehow right.

Eddie, there's hope for you! Some Brit on PZ's blog or somewhere else on scienceblogs was actually saying that 22/7 is the appropriate date for Brits! :-)

And Jessica, speaking of the pie you made, did you see this one? I just found it today, and loved the numbers along the circumference. Thought I'd share.