Plug your eyeball in and start filming

You've probably heard about the man with the eyeball camera. Here's the most detailed (and sometimes graphic) video I've yet seen about documentary filmmaker Rob Spence (aka Eyeborg), who is working on getting his prosthetic eye replaced with a wireless eye socket camera:

I first encountered Spence in this writeup at Wired last fall. According to the new video, they've hit a few snags since then, but for some reason Spence is all over the news right now. And it's a safe bet he'll continue to be, if he becomes the first cyborg reporter with a bionic eyecamera!

More: a briefer AP video on YouTube, via NextNature

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This is just the beginning. Dig up a copy of William Gibson's novella Burning Chrome for a glimpse of what it will be like much further down the road.

By George McKee (not verified) on 13 Mar 2009 #permalink