Black Friday Online Shopping Guide for Bookish Science Geeks


A few of my favorite holiday shopping suggestions from the past year of blogging. . .

#1. Pandemic, the Board Game. Turn H1N1 into holiday fun for everyone! (Already have Pandemic? Z-Man games has an upgrade pack.)

#2. Blue Barnhouse letterpress. Yeah, they're artistic and individually pressed, but these are not your parents' greeting cards. In addition to their Happy Colonoscopy cards, they have many more offensive yet hilarious greetings - these invites were perfect for a certain unexpurgated physiologist of my acquaintance. . .

#3. Like some paper with your science? Ork posters' heart poster (above) is small enough for a dorm room, yet large enough to make a design statement. Pink Loves Brown has a whole periodic table of sentiments. Or consider this delicate, romantic heart-in-a-ribcage card for a loved one.

#4. Retro-steampunk vendor 19moons is offering free shipping this weekend on their (nonfunctional) recycled-component jewelry.

#5. Science jewelry options include Nervous System and Made With Molecules - check out their new resveratrol necklace for red wine lovers!

#6. Tired of traditional dolls? Order a random organ donor doll by David Foox. You can't select your favorite organ, but they're all pretty important - unless he has an appendix doll. Or if you'd rather cuddle, get some plush organs from I Heart Guts, like the Plush Uterus (For Adults Only!)

#7. Rag and Bone handmade books. Not only are their products one-of-a-kind, their customer service is awesome: I had a small problem with an order, and got an email back in literally minutes. The problem was fixed within days. They take their customers very seriously. And they're having a 25% off Black Friday sale!

#8. For the scientific cook, Fred's Equal Measure is a must-have.

#9. Like AI, but hate Uncanny Valley? Clocky is the pushiest and cutest alarm clock ever, at

#10. The Pictorial Webster's by John Carrera. Read about it here.

#11. Have a larger budget? Consider these unique options from Anthropologie: the scrapwork Gladiator Raven, outsized children's book Monsters of the Household Variety, or Amy Flynn's One-Of-A-Kind Fobots.

#12. The xkcd book. Enough said.

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