What is wrong with this fruit?


It literally took me a good 20 seconds to figure out what was. . . off. . . about the first photo in this great post by Emily at SheChive. Sigh. ;)

Thanks to Jake for the heads-up!

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Here's more info. Thanks to Asko for the heads-up!
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Is it seeds on the inside and seeds on the outside?

20 seconds? Really? It was immediately obvious to me. Wonder why for me and not for you? I did not eat any of the two fruits recently (though I did see both of them a couple of days ago - it that sufficient "priming"?).

(Spoiler alert.)

It was instant for me: kiwifruit with strawberry skins??? Being a kiwi myself might help...?

Nice art work, though.

Strawberry skins on kiwi fruit? That jumped out at me. Maybe you've been working too hard lately?!

Y'all aren't quite catching what I wrote - it was the first photo over on SheChive's post, which includes about a dozen weird fruit photos, that I stared at blankly: a tomato lemon. Which is not necessarily any less obvious than the kiwi strawberry, but the kiwi strawberry was my favorite, which is why I shared it here.

>>Is it seeds on the inside and seeds on the outside?

What's on the outside of strawberries are fruitlets, not seeds, although each fruitlet contains one seed. The big fleshy part of a strawberry is a modified receptacle, the stem portion of a flower. We call this an accessory fruit.

I think the pear with the watermelon skin and coconut interior is my favorite. It looks unjustifiably delicious to me.