IN Cells, in (fluorescent) color

i-7b54e1df032b11d565762956e2f6ea85-Picture 3.png

These are images of cells from GE's IN Cell Analyzer Competition 2010:

every year we invite IN Cell Analyzer users to submit their images to the IN Cell Image Competition. This year we have received over 70 fabulous images from researchers' worldwide, working in areas such as toxicology, malaria, dermatology, obesity, cancer and neurology.

See the full-size images in all their fluorescent glory, and the winners from 2009, at GE's flickr page.

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I think I like this one best visually (though more in the medium size than in the large), but have to ask why a picture of cells from a foetal cortex would be tagged with depression and PTSD.

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These are really cool! I tend to love any sort of microscopy. What we don't see(with our eyes) is amazing...

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