Spiders: first, sex, now drugs...where's the rock and/or roll?

I just can't get enough of arachnids these days! Maybe I am unwittingly engaged in exposure therapy for my phobia.

This parody gives a nod to Peter Witt's research on spiders' web weaving abilities while under the influence. For a legit example, see A. Christiansen et. al (1962), "Changes in spider webs brought about by mescaline, psilocybin and an increase in body weight," Journal of Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics, Vol. 136: 31-37.

Hat tip to Kevin's mom for passing along the video link!

Note that the film was created by The First Church of Christ, Filmmaker, whose delicious moniker fits right in with the Chimp Refuge's extreme reverence for religion.

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Naturally, the name of this parody that makes searching for it and comments about it very easy is "crack spider." I saved the flash video file to my 'puter for laughing at any time.