Flipping Tickets

Given the same players, how would changing the presidential tickets influence your vote? For starters, consider swapping the president and vice-president seats. A Biden/Obama ticket probably wouldn't change my overall view of the ticket. That is, there are some things I like and dislike about Obama and some things I like and dislike about Biden, but on balance, I think they'd average out to no net change. A Palin/McCain ticket is another story. I simply cannot imagine Palin in the top spot in the real world. Her anti-intellectual streak just makes me shudder. It would definitely make me think even less of the pair.

The really interesting switch would be McCain/Biden versus Obama/Palin. Who would you vote for? On the one hand I could hope McCain became unable to hold the office (perhaps through some form of scandal) and Biden would take over, and on the other hand, I could hope that Palin could be shuffled off into a dark corner somewhere and not heard from, and nothing prevents Obama from filling out the term. But if I knew both pairs would fill the term completely and both members would be actively engaged in the administration, that would be a real mind bender. At this point, I honestly don't know what I'd do. Fortunately, it's not something I have to worry about this coming Tuesday. What about you?

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I'd vote for Biden/McCain over Palin/Obama. I'd actually vote for any combination over Palin at the top of the ticket.

I'd still go for Obama/Palin over McCain/Biden. She's a hole heep of crazy, but I'd still rather risk Obama staying out of harm's way over giving McCain the reins. But I would support Biden/McCain over Obama/Palin.

As an Arizonan, I cannot vote for McCain. As a human being, I cannot vote for Palin. Any ticket that had either of those two creatures on it would not get my vote under any circumstances.

An Obama/Palin ticket would indicate that the Senator from Illinois had unfortunately developed a serious mental illness, and should not be allowed out without somebody to check that he's taken his meds, let alone elected President.

I think I could vote for an Obama/MCain ticket, or perhaps McCain/Obama.
A lot has been said about the type of campaign McCain has run, a lot of which I agree with, but I don't think the campaign is truly indicative of either the man or what type of president/vice president he would be.
I think he has been badly advised through, and simply lost all credibility with his VP pick, but there weren't many other options for him to bring the Fundamentalists back on board. Take him out of the toxic atmosphere of the Republican campaign machine and I think he might be a reasonable pick, if your fiscal sympathies lay that way.

By hopper3011 (not verified) on 30 Oct 2008 #permalink

2012: Sarah the Empty & Plunger Joe. God help us all!

By Bill from Dover (not verified) on 30 Oct 2008 #permalink