While I'm On a Train to Maryland

You can be doing more fun things. I'll be out of touch and my blog will be quiet. But you could be reading some of my old colleagues and some new cool stuff at the new cooperative blog group "Scientopia." Zuska's there and Dr. Free Ride, and a lot of awesome folk - so have fun!


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Yup - no, he's going early. We're getting picked up at the same time, though.


Hi Sharon, Small grass based dairy in western New York. Loggers start tomorrow taking out our white ash, doomed by emerald ash borer. Amish moving to our neighborhood by the ton, not farming, only running shops. Solar powered farming still reluctant to enter the rat race here. Give us a shout, come visit. Kim Shaklee

By Kim Shaklee (not verified) on 04 Aug 2010 #permalink

Kim: "Loggers start tomorrow taking out our white ash, doomed by emerald ash borer"

Ah, no!!!!

Sigh. I know it's likely too late to stop it; and you probably really need the money- and your loggers are probably honest- but from the biological point of view this is a HUGE disaster.

Really. The entire "clean out the disease" concept in forestry actually = Wipe out all the trees. Make sure any that just barely survive- don't. So there are not progeny; and NO chance of evolution of resistance.

Take a look here: http://www.badgersett.com/info/publications/Bulletin8v1_0.pdf

It's about butternuts; but the principles are identical.

Who said they're all going to die???? In nature- that almost NEVER happens. Oh, except when foresters get in there and kill all the trees, so the pest can't.

Greenpa, I know you don't like me but I have a question for you:

I liked butternuts as a kid in Illinois and so have planted several where I now live in northwestern New Mexico and most of the seedlings are thriving under drip irrigation. Do you think that the trees could be already infected with Sirococcus from the nursery? Also, do you think that this organism might spread to Arizona walnuts? Thanks.

By darwinsdog (not verified) on 05 Aug 2010 #permalink