It Won't Solve the Problem But It Might Make You Feel Better....

I probably should have waited a little longer to steal this from Greenpa, until it was colder, but I couldn't.

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When the issue is global warming, it is interesting this clip concludes that your goal is to make your world feel "a little warmer".

Of course, he has had it up for a month - and you did say where you found it!

By Eric Smith (not verified) on 24 Sep 2010 #permalink

That was great. frakkin' HILARIOUS! Obviously the folks responsible have lived in the upper Midwest -- we deal with that crap every. single. year. No matter how warm the winter is. Or jokes about how "I could do with a little global warming right now!"

I may need to repost this one myself. But I'm not sure how my very vocal BIL and SIL feel about climate change. I already have to stifle the urge to strangle them when the discussion of health care comes around.